Marian's Musings (msanborn) wrote in altnu,
Marian's Musings

X Posted, like - everywhere :)

I did have some pictures taken today. Those of you already on my friends list have seen them since I posted them there first.

And if you want to see the rest - Click Here.
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Ohhh, you're a doll. I have that corset. I rarely wear it though. I always feel like I am about to fall out of it!
I've only worn it for this shoot - and I was falling out. I don't really have much to fill it UP. LOL

and thanks :-)
Haha, yeah me either.

This is a horrid picture of me in mine. You can't really tell, but my nipples are nearly showing. haha.

And, you're very welcome.
Let's try one more time. LoL. Sorry.

that's not a horrid picture! you look sexy!