Marian's Musings (msanborn) wrote in altnu,
Marian's Musings

New Tat X-Posted

let's see if this will work from shutterfly since I'm not home to upload it to my server.

yes, I'm very white - and yes, I'm chubby. LOL - but there it is, and it's across my lower back. I do so loves it.

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I was only able to see it by right clicking & then going to the source. But, it looks GREAT! And no worries, I am that pale too.
and thanks! glad you could still view it.

and for those that can't

the link.
That's so pretty!! I like the color of the flower. Awesome :)
xo <3
the actual photo the colors were more fuscia but I asked him to do more blue/purple toned than pink/purple toned. I think it came out very well.