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Just about everyone on LiveJournal knows about - and has probably posted to - and has probably been rejected from the community formally known as nonuglies. This community was created as a community of the same type, but with a small twist. Alt NU is a 'non uglies' community for people that the average person may not find attractive. Goths, Punks, Gays, BBW's, if you're someone who gets stared down in public in a disapproving way, this is the community for you. You will be judged as people in other rating communities are, but some people here may see beauty in you where the others did not.

Remember when posting, that by doing so, you are asking the opinions of others.

When posting more than 2 pictures, use the lj cut or your post will be deleted.

Only stamped members may vote on a persons picture, but you can reply to comments and/or votes made to your post.

Please post pictures immediately after you join. If you do not, then you will be removed from the community. Feel free to watch, but you don't have to join to do that.

Please do not use someone else's pictures. Odds are we'll know.

This is the same idea as other rating communities.

It will not be tolerated to call someone here too fat, too skinny, or a freak. You will be banned. This community is FOR those kinds of people.

Creater - pinky666
Moderator - anachronism_grl